Easy DIY Party Hacks

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Parties are a great way to celebrate any special moments. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday bash, a graduation, all of these calls for celebrations and toasts. As the genius Albert Einstein once said ‘plans are nothing, planning is everything’. Having ideas is great, but they are nothing like getting down to the actual planning. So, pull up your socks and roll your sleeves, for these amazing DIY party hacks that will turn your big event into something truly magical.

The Decorations

Tie up your hair and wear your handwork gloves because things are about to get messy. You can easily pull off an amazing decorations at home rather visiting local stores and buying expensive decorations that you will not be using again. Find items that are already at your house, turn your old jeans into a beautiful cut banner or to make cards, Make your own galaxy with cotton balls, water and glitter stuffed in old plastic bottles and turn your CD drives into cute ornaments. Find out bits and scraps of junks and turn them into something pretty with a touch of glitter and paint. For your kids glam party, you can add special effects to your house. Rhinestones makes any junk look like royalty.

Make your ceiling look Disney like by hanging DIY lanterns put together with a thread, balloon and glue. It’s never a good idea to keep your ceiling bare and empty making the celebration dull. If your child is a car enthusiast, you can make cars for his birthday using a sharpie and an old TV box making it the ultimate kids party entertainment Brisbane.


Invitation Cards

Planning a celebration means you have to empty your wallet. From the tiny detail, everything has price on it. This why you can do your own invitation cards at home. All you need is some cardboard, glue, scissors, glitter and paper which will cost you very little. You can also make beautiful origami’s to make your card look professional and at the same time simple.



Now that you have done your decorations and invitations at home, you move on to the next important thing, the food. It’s always feasible to do the cooking at home rather than spending money on caterers but if it’s going to be a celebration with a lot of guests, it would be much easier to take off your apron and leave the food to the caterers. You can enjoy the champagne and wipe off the sweat while your catering heroes handles everything.The food tastes lovely, the decorations give your house a nice ambience and the invitation are good to go in the post. You can handle the party stress like an expert without over-spending and it’s always good to de-clutter your junk at home and make it into something shiny and admirable.